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Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center

The Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center will be a state-owned facility designed to promote modernization in cybersecurity technology for private and public industries through unique education, training, research, and practical applications.

It will be housed in a 150,000-square-foot facility to be built near Fort Gordon in Augusta. Fort Gordon is home to the U.S. Army Cyber Command, the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, and the National Security Agency.

The center will enhance American cybersecurity in both the public and private sectors and serve as an incubator for start-up cybersecurity companies. It will also focus on research and development, tapping into the assets of Georgia's research institutions.

The Georgia Technology Authority will oversee construction and operation of the training center. The ground breaking is scheduled for spring 2017 with the opening to follow in July 2018.

Education and training

The center will provide on-site and virtual training, and include classroom space and a 320-seat auditorium.

Incubator and co-location space

The center will support cybersecurity start-ups by leasing space to private-sector partners and providing tools to help small businesses grow and compete.

Research and economic development

The center will provide space for testing new cybersecurity products. By supporting research and development of leading-edge technologies, it will enhance Georgia's ability to attract cybersecurity companies and help maintain Georgia's ranking as the top state for business in the nation.

GBI Cyber Lab

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's new Cyber Crime Unit will be headquartered at the center, thereby ensuring a closer alliance among state, federal, and local law enforcement agencies working to address cyber crime.

Cybersecurity and protection

The center will include a Sensitive Compartment Information Facility (SCIF) to meet the high-security needs of government and related contractors. It will house one of the few state-owned cyber ranges in the nation. The cyber range will ensure a safe, protected environment for training and testing skills, cyber defenses, and cyber weapons. Its capabilities will include interactive, simulated representations of networks, systems, tools, and applications.

The following are partners in the center:

  • Georgia Technology Authority
  • Augusta University Cyber Institute
  • U.S. Army Cyber Command
  • U.S. Cyber School of Excellence
  • National Security Agency
  • City of Augusta
  • Augusta Economic Development
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • University System of Georgia
  • Technical College System of Georgia
  • Georgia Department of Education
  • Georgia National Guard
  • Private Sector Partners
Vendor Inquiries

GTA will be accepting formal inquiries from architectural and construction/construction management firms for consideration to be included as a qualified architectural firm and/or construction/ construction management firm bidder bid on the proposed Cyber Innovation and Training Center to be built by GTA in Augusta, Georgia.  All firms must show notable experience in the last five years in both SCIF and Cyber Range new construction. Firms interested in qualifying for inclusion in the bidding process should contact GTA prior to the deadline.  The deadline for consideration of architectural firms is close of business on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, and the deadline for consideration of construction/ construction management firms is close of business on Monday, February 27, 2017.  Contacts after these deadlines will not be considered.