Category Descriptions


  • Agencies may submit as many projects in as many categories as they'd like
  • Project examples are intended as inspiration and not exhaustive

Business process innovations

Projects optimize the way people, processes, and technology work together to transform government.


ERP implementation, project methodologies, dashboards, decision modeling, system modernization

Cross-boundary collaboration and partnerships

Projects showcase a significant IT-related collaboration between the agency and other entities, public or private.


Agency-led IT-related project in collaboration with multiple agencies, localities, special purpose districts


Projects demonstrate the importance of security and risk management.


Governance frameworks, policies, auditing, education and awareness, data privacy and protection

Data management, analytics, and visualization

Projects showcase the transformative power of data for decision making and insight.


Predictive analytics, fraud detection, visualizations, performance management

Digital services: Government to business

Projects improve interactions between government and businesses.


E-licensing, one-stop registration, permitting, payment notifications, compliance tracking

Digital services: Government to citizen

Projects improve interactions between government and citizens, stimulate citizen engagement, or provide access to data and information for citizen use.


Online transaction innovations, citizen feedback, benefits determination or distribution, justice programs

Emerging and innovative technologies

Projects utilize technologies on the cutting edge of the industry to deliver value.


Governance of emerging tech, AI or machine learning, sensors, wearables, autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial systems

Enterprise IT management initiatives

Projects plan and execute enterprise-wide technology related initiatives that transform government operation and services.


Consolidation and optimization, cloud services, budget and cost control, governance, broadband, procurement and acquisition modernization, security, shared services, workforce

Information communications technology innovations

Projects leverage communications technologies to transform government, promote economic development or interoperability, or improve quality of life.


GIS, mobile services, SAAS, broadband applications, online learning, telecommunications