Technology Summit 2021

Inching father into digital government? That kind of cautious advance turned obsolete last year. The pandemic hurtled us down the tracks like a runaway train. Now, we're deep into digital territory, and this year's GTA-hosted virtual Technology Summit will explore not just what it takes to keep the train on the rails, but also what you can expect on the digital horizon.


Tuesday, May 4, and Wednesday, May 5
9 a.m. - 3 p.m. both days
A virtual event


Day 1

  • Cybersecurity: hacking the hacker's mindset
  • Digital futures and trends

Day 2

  • Remote work done better
  • Gotta have broadband in Georgia

Keynote speakers

Cybersecurity expert and CEO John Sileo (The Sileo Group) will offer a helpful and humorous look at hacking the hacker to reduce risk. Distinguished VP, analyst, and Gartner fellow Daryl Plummer will expose what to expect from an increasingly digital world. Mark Keith of Merlynn Intelligence Technologies and Dr. Karl Kuhnert of Emory University will discuss "cloning" human wisdom and using AI to create "digital twins" of an organization's key decision makers. Learn more on the keynote speakers page.


This year's agenda features industry leaders discussing the latest trends that are igniting and driving innovation today in state government IT. More information can be found within the session descriptions.

Who should attend?

Technology types are encouraged to participate, but the relevance is broader than IT. As in years past, and this marks the ninth annual, the summit is directed toward business leaders, too, from Georgia agencies and local governments. Opportunities to network with colleagues will be sprinkled throughout, giving you valuable chances to learn from your counterparts across Georgia government facing challenges similar to your own.


Special thanks to our event sponsors CompliancePoint and Merlynn Intelligence Technologies.


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