Technology Summit 2021 Session Descriptions

A number of sessions were recorded during the 2021 Technology Summit. You can watch the recordings by following the links in the names of the sessions below.

Day 1 - Digital Government and Cybersecurity

(Keynote) Cyber Threat Evolution: Hacking the Hacker’s Mindset

John Sileo

The cybercrime landscape has shifted radically. Rapid growth in remote workforces, cloud jacking, smart devices, cyber blackmail and disinformation have altered the way we must defend our data, privacy and profits. Increasingly, cybercriminals leverage crisis and news headlines to fuel and fund social engineering scams, financial fraud and geo-political influence. In this presentation, John Sileo will leverage lessons learned from losing his entire business to cybercrime while simultaneously facing jail time. He will show you how to deploy a threat narrative to empower your culture of security, and how crisis and failure are untapped weapons in your anti-fraud toolkit.

(Keynote) CompliancePoint on Cybersecurity

Greg Sparrow

Greg Sparrow of CompliancePoint draws from wide-ranging cybersecurity work for his remarks. His experience spans the payment card industry, healthcare, banking, retail, transportation, and even professional sports. He helped bolster cyber defenses for Mercedes-Benz Stadium right here in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII in 2019. (Didn't seem to help the Rams against the Patriots.)

Cybersecurity in Georgia: Building and Maintaining the Cyber Workforce

David Allen

It is often said that an organization’s most valuable asset is its people. This is even true of technology organizations. However, recruiting cyber talent is one of the greatest challenges facing state and local government today. This presentation provides insight into the Georgia Technology Authority’s approach to addressing this critical need and how it can help you craft your own strategy for talent management in the cyber field.

(Keynote) Top Strategic Predictions for 2021 and Beyond: Resetting Everything

Daryl Plummer

Predicting the future is hard. Doing it during a pandemic is even harder. However, a new reality of technology, business and society is on the horizon. Discover new upcoming technologies that are critical for replacing traditional technology models. Businesses must adopt new roles and responsibilities as companies struggle to scale digital transformation projects. And, the voice of society can no longer be ignored, as companies face pressure to show they can contribute back more than they take. This complimentary webinar reveals the top 10 technology predictions for 2021, helping you forge a strategic plan to overcome the challenges most companies and governments will face in the very near future.

Going Digital in Georgia

Nikhil Deshpande

Going digital today is not strictly a technology problem; it’s more about understanding how people interact with technology to get what they need. Nikhil Deshpande will talk about how Digital Services Georgia worked with Georgia citizens to create a usable design for GovHub and show how they avoided the silos that often separate citizens from easy access to state services.   

(Keynote) Confidently Getting More Done with Your Decision-Making Twin

Mark Keith, Dr. Karl Kuhnert

Swelling demand for government services has pressured agencies to develop strategies using machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic process automation. Humans, though, are indispensable. Moving forward, we will need humans’ unique capabilities such as imagination, creativity, and forethought. What if you could “clone” human wisdom – create “digital twins” of your experts, sharing and augmenting human decision making? This presentation will show how an AI approach offers solutions to the increasing demand for government services.

Day 2 - Broadband and Remote Work

Brief Talks: Remote Work Today and Tomorrow

Shift Happens

Renée Safrata

Over a decade ago, Renée Safrata recognized the ongoing shift and future demand for digital workplace learning. In this TED-talk-style session, Renée discusses the pace of change and nuance of a paradigm shift. Was your pace of change slower before COVID-19 threw down the hammer, forcing you to change now? Discover how Renée navigated change with her team and outside stakeholders.

Engaging Students Remotely – Wins and Losses

Dr. Karl Kuhnert

Trial by fire. Important lessons learned from a professor teaching remotely for the first time. 

Strategically Remote and Productive

Dr. Keith Osburn

The pandemic forever changed most all of our societal “norms.” Yet, we never stopped going to work, and instead, began to focus on ways to leverage technology to remotely connect with our teams in a manner that is both safe and productive. This session will discuss ways to ensure that our approach to remote work aligns were the organization’s strategic plan while also ensuring productivity.

The Future of Work is...

Jen Bonnett

Education: Connecting Students with Broadband

Bob Swiggum, Chris Shealy

Good Data for Good Decisions on Broadband

Deana Perry, Eric McRae

Broadband Grant Program

Deana Perry