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CompliancePoint solves for risk associated with sensitive information across a variety of industries. We help by identifying, mitigating and managing this risk across your entire data management lifecycle. Our mission is to enable responsible interactions with your customers and the marketplace.

Merlynn Logo

Merlynn Intelligence Technologies (Merlynn) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology business that removes uncertainty within processes through leveraging the power of AI to reduce risks and improve decision making quality, consistency, and speed. Merlynn assists organizations to develop and operationalize practical AI-related strategies into their operations. Merlynn’s approach is underpinned by a strict policy of “technology with a conscience”.

Geographic Scope

Merlynn is based in North America, with offices in South Africa and Australia. A global network of resellers and implementation partners extends Merlynn’s reach to Europe, Latin America, South America, and Asia.


Merlynn has accumulated vast experience in AI and its application throughout a number of industries. Merlynn currently services customers in banking, financial crimes, insurance, information technology, education, government, social services, and medicine.

About TOM

Tacit Object Modeler (TOM) is Merlynn’s proprietary AI technology that has been purposefully built to decode and digitize (“clone”) a human expert’s decision making. TOM is housed in a process that allows a non-technical expert to use the AI and work through a series of steps that culminate in the creation of a Virtual Expert – a decision-making digital twin of an expert. Systems see Virtual Experts as a piece of code that can be integrated into existing applications. Users can interface with Virtual Experts through voice or keyboard inputs.

A Virtual Expert is a tangible, robotized version of a human’s expertise that precisely replicates their decision-making, only infinitely faster. Virtual Experts are introduced into operational environments to analyze information, make human judgments, and augment human decision making in real time, 24/7.