Agency Preparation

Will agencies have to do any re-programming?

No, that will be handled by GTA and Unified Arts.

Will my agency have to purchase any equipment?

No. GTA will forward your telephone number to the vendors (Unified Arts) system.

How much notification and what kind of notification will we receive before the changeover to UM?

One month minimum. The UM Implementation team will work with GTA, and they will send updates to Agency Telecom Coordinators. Agency Telecom Coordinators will be asked to email agency staff and to post flyers. In addition, end users will receive a voice message in their current voicemail box at least two weeks before the conversion date. Also, end users will receive a message in their new UM voicemail box telling them the conversion has been made.

Will there need to be a clean-up of current voicemails, prior to conversion to UM?

No, but if you are not current, this would be a good time to do a clean-up. When your current voicemail is converted to the new UM system you will not be able to retrieve any messages on the old platform.

If I don’t have a PIN in my current voice mail, will I need one in UM?

Yes, in order to register your account, you will need a PIN. It would be best to start using a PIN now, and the system will move it for you.

When our pilot number is moved to UA, will I be able to find old messages?

No. You will not be able to check messages received prior to the UM conversion; the move to the UA system will happen at 5 p.m. on the date of your designated conversion.