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BCM Program Office

Interruptions in the ability of state government to deliver critical services to our citizens can happen at any time and place throughout Georgia. These disruptions can be as large as a regional event, such as a hurricane hitting the coast, or as localized as a fire or extended power outage affecting one building. GTA's Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program Office is leading an effort to assess the readiness of state agencies to respond to these incidents.

The following software tools hosted by SunGard are currently available to state agencies:

  • LDRPS 10 (Living Disaster Recovery Planning System) Planning Software
  • NotiFind - Emergency Notification System

These tools:

  • Help to enforce consistency in agency planning efforts
  • Enable plans to be rolled up to an enterprise view
  • Enable the enterprise to communicate to the agency employees using one standard communication vehicle
  • Standardize the planning process across the enterprise (one way versus 100+ ways of doing the same thing)
  • Allow metrics to be developed, tracked and reported to show our progress as a state toward BCM maturity

If you have any questions please about LDRPS 10 or Notifind contact Robert Woodruff via email at: or by phone at: 404-463-2300.