Technology enabling the business of government


What is broadband?

Broadband is high-speed Internet and digital highways to a global digital world where the barriers of time and space fall away to the speed of light.  Broadband enables the digital economy where companies and individuals can buy and sell products and services online 24 hours a day globally

Why is broadband important to Georgia?

To remain competitive in a global economy, the state of Georgia, its citizens, businesses and government must understand the opportunities that broadband represents.  For Georgia to prosper from the digital economy, we need to understand the requirements and impacts of the technologies, the applications, the workforce and the funding required to stimulate faster and widespread broadband adoption and to quickly take advantage of the opportunities in the digital world we live in.

Broadband is the culmination of many technological innovations, and this innovation continues as broadband transforms health care, education, public safety, general government operations and virtually every sector of the business world.  Broadband offers opportunities for government and business to cut costs, increase productivity and create new products and services.  Broadband offers citizens ways to cut costs and increase quality of life through greater access to business and government services.

In a knowledge-based Digital Economy, availability of and access to high-speed Internet through broadband is a critical element to Georgia's future economic prosperity.

Georgia’s Broadband Map:

National Broadband Map:

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