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Cobb Commute

Cobb County

Cobb Commute,, is a GIS-based, mobile-first, web-mapping solution that makes it possible for drivers to view up-to-date traffic information about construction or other events that may disrupt normal daily traffic flow.

As a web-mapping tool, Cobb Commute displays road closures and restrictions, traffic speeds, changeable message signs, and traffic camera photos. Selecting a closure or incident icon on the GIS map provides such details as a brief description, a time frame, and the specific impact (right lane closed, etc.). During inclement weather, it indicates when roads were last treated for snow or ice. Mobile users can see their geographic location along a road in real time. Cobb Commute thereby allows users to better plan their commutes or adapt their commute to changing road conditions.

Planned enhancements include alternate routes around construction sites and coordination with local events, including baseball games at the new Braves stadium and football games at Kennesaw State University, to provide traffic-routing and parking information.

The tool is device and browser agnostic and designed to be intuitive to the user.

Cobb Commute was initially developed to inform and assist the traveling public during a large-scale, multi-year pipeline replacement project that is currently under way in Cobb County and anticipated to cause a major disruption in traffic flows. In the initial design phase, it quickly became apparent that Cobb Commute had a much broader use in sharing traffic-related information with the public.

It integrates real-time data from a variety of sources. Information about road construction and other events comes from Cobb County’s Traffic Management Center while speed data, changeable message sign information, and camera photos come from the Georgia Department of Transportation. Base map data is streamed from MapQuest. When working at a desktop computer, a link to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s 511 website is also available. Because it incorporates information from the Georgia Department of Transportation, Cobb Commute can be used anywhere in the state.

Cobb Commute was built in Leaflet, a light-weight, open-source development platform that optimizes the display of graphic data. It incorporates responsive programming, which means its display is automatically optimized to accommodate whatever type of computing device is being used.

Cobb Commute was a collaborative development effort between the Cobb County Department of Transportation and the county’s Information Services Department.