Technology enabling the business of government

Digital Georgia

The Digital Georgia Program provides funding and resources to increase Georgia’s participation and benefit from the digital economy.  Through a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration the program is providing funding, information and technical resources to assist and enable business and government institutions in the State to achieve those goals.

Digital Georgia is funding projects in three areas:

1. State Capacity Building

The Georgia Technology Authority provides consistent leadership for digital economic and broadband development in the state of Georgia. Program staff coordinate state-level digital economic and broadband activities by collaborating with regional and local governments, businesses and institutions to evaluate the digital economic and broadband needs of the state and identify resources to meet those needs.

2. Regional Planning Teams

This project is funding the development of a Digital Economic Plan for each of Georgia’s 12 regions in partnership with the regional commissions. The program is providing coordination, information and technical assistance to Georgia’s 12 regional commissions to complete their plan development.

3. Data Development

This projects purpose is to develop information resources that will be useful in the planning and implementation of broadband and information technologies to increase Georgia’s participation in the digital economy.

For more information on the Digital Georgia, complete and submit the Digital Georgia Program Information and Assistance Request Form.