The Office of Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) manages digital strategy for state agencies and elected officials to cultivate a mature digital presence and citizen-centric service delivery. The focus of DSGa expands GTA’s view of the technology landscape from larger systems to granular interactions that the state offers through various consumer devices. Citizens access state digital properties through channels that didn't exist a couple of years ago. To be able to serve this need, DSGa enables an omni-channel approach, keeping content consistent and centralized.

Georgia GovHub Launched

In April 2019, DSGa launched GovHub, a digital platform for state agencies to use in creating a consistent online experience for citizens. GovHub provides an organized framework for planning, creating, and managing public-facing data and content. The scalable platform accommodates individuals or teams of content contributors and makes it quick and easy to add webpages, blogs, press releases, location maps, forms, and other online content.

As the state’s official web-publishing platform, GovHub aligns with the state’s digital compliance policy for ensuring accessibility for people with a range of disabilities affecting vision, hearing, mobility, and cognition; adhering to industry best practices and standards; and serving as a single source of consistent and accurate information across all of the state’s various communication channels.

Migration to GovHub and Drupal 8

The DSGa team worked with more than 65 state agencies during 2019 on a major project to migrate more than 85 agency and program websites to the GovHub platform and Drupal 8, the state’s content management software. The project is expected to be completed in March 2020. The migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and the GovHub platform is bringing new branding, design consistency, and functionality to state agencies’ web presence. It also ensures compliance with the latest accessibility, security, and performance standards. Through fall 2019, DSGa migration teams transitioned 57 sites and created two new sites.

GeorgiaGov Pilot Website

DSGa launched in 2019 to provide a preview of the new design for state government’s web portal, The DSGa team worked with design and development partners IDEO and Lullabot to build the pilot site and the GovHub platform.

Successful digital initiatives hinge on understanding the needs of those who use websites and other digital properties, and the DSGa team is using more than empirical research, data, and a few assumptions when making decisions about the design of the pilot site. The team encourages feedback from Georgians in an effort to foster an open, collaborative project.

State Content Specialist Certification

To enhance the capabilities of digital content managers in state agencies, DSGa offers six half-day courses on content and understanding audiences. The courses include hands-on exercises to help state workers improve their content strategy and writing skills and promote knowledge of best practices for accessibility. State workers who successfully complete all six courses receive state certification as content specialists. The courses are open to anyone who plans, produces, or manages digital content for state agencies.