FAQs: GTA Learning Academy

The GTA Learning Academy is our learning management system that steamlines our training registration process, allows users to access virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and instructor-led training (ILT), help supervisors be well-informed about their team's training goals, helps administrators manage training events, and enables reporting on training events.

  • Why should I use the Learning Academy?

    Below are functions commonly available to learners who have an account in the Learning Academy.

    • Set various personal preferences in the system and change your own password
    • View the catalog of self-paced, virtual, and instructor-led courses
    • Conduct simple and advanced searches of the course catalog and browse the catalog by category options
    • Access virtual instructor-led training and register for classroom training
    • Self-register for courses and track approvals and completions
    • Add completed, external training to your training history
    • Access your enrollments, training history, and printable certificates of completion

    Below are functions commonly available to supervisors and managers. You must be designated as a manager of at least one system user. Only direct reports designated in the Learning Academy will show up on your team page.

    • Approve or deny enrollments for which you are the approver
    • Map your direct report to her/his Learning Plan/Individual Development Plan (IDP), assignments and enrollments, and track progress
    • View online or classroom training and make recommendations
    • View a direct report's current and completed courses and certificates of completion
    • View training history, learning plans, external training, and current enrollments of your direct reports
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  • What do I need to log in to the Learning Academy?

    Use of the Learning Academy requires that you have an active login ID and password. To request access to the Learning Academy, select "Create an account" at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/gtalearners/applications/submitted. See the Download this pdf file.Application Guide for additional information. Access will be provided within 24-72 business hours.

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  • Is there a time limit for activity in the Learning Academy?

    Yes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged off. You will need to log in again in order to continue.

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  • How many unsuccessful attempts do I have at logging in before I'm locked out?

    You have a few attempts. If you happen to get locked out, select "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions. If the problem persists, immediately contact the GTA Training and Education team at GTATraining@gta.ga.gov to have your account unlocked.

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  • When I try logging in to the Learning Academy, I see a page that states: "The username/password combination you have entered is invalid. Please try again." What do I do?

    Please contact the GTA Training and Education team at GTATraining@gta.ga.gov, and they can verify if you have an account in the Learning Academy.

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  • What browsers can I use to access the Learning Academy?

    Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox are recommended.

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  • Is the Learning Academy compatible with Mac computers?

    The Learning Academy is a web application that's dependent on a web browser rather than the equipment it's running on. It's compatible with Safari, which is the Mac browser.

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  • How do I enable pop-up windows?

    Browers, browser add-ons, and toolbars can block pop-ups. Refer to add-on, toolbar, or browser options for allowing pop-ups for the Learning Academy.

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  • How do I launch online training in the Learning Academy?

    Navigate to "My Courses." Select the course you wish to launch under your enrolled section, then select "Launch Course." You must be enrolled in the course to launch the training.

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  • When I click on the course name to launch my online course, nothing happens.

    A new content window should open. You may have multiple windows open, and it could be hidden. If not, check to see if you have pop-up blockers enabled on your computer.

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  • How do I tell what training I need?

    In general, you will be notified to register for a particular instructor-led class or you will be assigned training that is required. All required training will be located in the "My Courses" or learning plans areas. This will show you all of the training that you have registered for or has been assigned to you. Each course will have a description, including contact information for questions.

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  • How do I find out what classes I have been registered to attend?

    Log in to the Learning Academy. From the Home page, click on "My Courses." This will show your upcoming classroom training.

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  • Why didn't I get an email confirmation of my registration?

    Check the messages in your Junk folder. You should also check your GTA Learning Academy mailbox; any notifications that were sent by email will also appear there.

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  • I have a schedule conflict. How do I withdraw from a class?

    Log in to the Learning Academy and select the class from "My Courses." Select "Unenroll" at the top of the screen to drop the class. If enrollment has closed or expired, contact the administrator, whose name is located on the class information screen.

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  • How do I print a certificate of completion?

    Log in to the Learning Center. Click on "My Courses" to view completed courses. In the completed courses area, click on the certificate icon under Actions to display and print your certificate of completion. Please note that not all courses have certificates of completion.

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  • Can I add external training to my training history?

    Yes. If training was completed outside the Learning Academy, a Learning Academy administrator must approve your entry.

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  • How do I change my name or email address as it appears in the Learning Academy?

    Your name, manager information, email address, and other information as it appears in the Learning Academy can be changed by simply contacting the GTA Training and Education team at GTATraining@gta.ga.gov. Please ensure this information is also updated with your agency's Human Resources office.

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  • I am a supervisor or manager. How do I update the Learning Academy so that the staff who report to me appear in My Team View?

    Information about reporting relationships comes from the Human Resources office for your agency. Submit this change to the GTA Training and Education team at GTATraining@gta.ga.gov and also to your agency's Human Resources office.

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  • I need answers that are not included on this list. What do I do?

    Email your question to the GTA Training and Education team at GTATraining@gta.ga.gov.

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  • I have a quality improvement suggestion about an online training course I just completed. How do I provide feedback?

    We value and appreciate your feedback. Submit your feedback to theGTA Training and Education team at GTATraining@gta.ga.gov.

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  • Besides web-based and instructor-led training, is other training available?

    Not at this time, but future enhancements are always being made.

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