Fax Feature

Will the individual FAX numbers have to be hosted on the agency systems?

No, they will be on the Unified Arts system.

Will my fax number be the same number as my telephone number?

No. By giving customers a separate fax telephone number you will not have to worry about picking up a call and hearing a fax tone when someone tries to send you a fax.

Will the fax feature allow “junk fax” to be received?

A few “junk faxes” may be received, however if the system sees that a fax number is receiving “junk fax” the system will block these faxes.

How will fax numbers be assigned?

Will we have to have a new number or can our existing number be used? New numbers will be assigned from the DID number range within the UM system. You will use your current fax machines to send faxes out.

Our agency has a specific email application, the faxes will be sent as a TIFF file which are very large and could use too much space in our email system.

Each individual can setup their voicemail not to send the entire document to their email and to just send a notification that they have a fax message. Users may go to their gavoicemail.com account to retrieve faxes.