Birth and Death Certificates


The Georgia Office of Vital Records has records for births and deaths that occurred in Georgia from January 1919 to the present.

You can obtain Georgia state birth and death records as certified copies for legal purposes. 

Note: you'll need a copy of your valid ID

Who can request these records?

Only individuals with specific qualifying relationships, see FAQ below, to the person named on the record can receive a birth or death certificate. Proof of identity and qualifying relationship documentation are required.

What does it cost?

There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 per certified copy plus $8 for processing. Expedited shipping is also available for an additional $10 per order.

What information about the person will I need?

To order a birth or death certificate, you must provide the following information about the person named on the record:

  • First and last names
  • Date of birth for birth certificates or death for death certificates
    • Month, day, and year
  • Race
  • Sex
  • For birth certificates, mother's maiden name, first and last, for the person named

How do I use the record outside the U.S.?

To use a certified birth or death certificate issued in Georgia for official purposes in another country, you may need an apostille from the Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Authority. Noncertified informational copies do not meet standards for legal purposes; only certified copies comply with laws to request an apostille. Call (404) 327-6023 for details.

More information

  • What is a birth certificate?

    Birth certificates serve as official documents printed on certified security paper and used for legal purposes to prove a life event. Uses include providing identity, citizenship, and relationship to others in order to get a passport or driver's license, adding a child to health insurance, enrolling a child in school, or obtaining social security or other benefits and services.

  • How do I get a birth or death certificate?

    You must complete the following steps to request and receive a birth or death certificate:

    • Submit an application with required pieces of information
    • Provide valid government or alternate ID
    • Provide documentation to prove your qualifying relationship
    • Pay applicable fees
      • Fees start at $25
      • Other fees may apply depending on ordering requests or shipping method
  • How long does it take?

    It depends on the shipping method you select. Most "regular shipping" orders ship within four to six weeks. "Expedited shipping" orders may take three business days after processing is complete. These timeframes start after we receive full payment and all required documentation. Missing information or documentation will delay orders.

  • How do I get a birth certificate if I filled out paperwork at the hospital or birth center?

    If you have not submitted a request for a birth certificate by placing an order online, phone, mail, or in person and submitted ID and proof of eligible documentation, you will not receive a birth certificate.

    New parents complete a birth form at the hospital or birth center after delivery, not an application to order a birth certificate. The first birth certificate issued for a birth is not free, and hospitals and birth centers cannot order a birth certificate on your behalf. The hospital may have provided you with your local county health department birth certificate order form, which requires a fee.


FAQs about certificates

Call (404) 679-4702 or visit our frequently asked questions about required information, identification documents, fees, and more below.