Fraudulent Georgia driver's license example
When it comes to ID fraud, the bad guys aren't this obvious.

An online tool from the state of Georgia, LicenseMatch Gold provides a simple way – instantly – to stop anyone from using a fraudulent Georgia driver’s license or identification card to access services.

And now, our enhanced service delivers more detailed search results and provides faster verification by significantly reducing data entry errors.

Businesses can check driver’s license information against the state database to prevent fraud, minimize loss, and document verification when anyone presents a license in connection with a variety of activities, such as:

  • Conducting monetary transactions
  • Authenticating ID for employment
  • Accessing account information
  • Conducting age-sensitive transactions (alcohol, tobacco)
  • Purchasing or renting an automobile
  • Applying for housing (home purchase, renting)

LicenseMatch Gold offers new features previously unavailable with our original LicenseMatch service:

  • Using a customized scanner, you simply swipe a driver’s license for data entry. This significantly reduces data entry errors and makes verification even faster.
  • In addition to matching the license to state records, the results indicate the status of the license (suspended, revoked, etc.).

To access LicenseMatch Gold you'll need:

  • An internet connection
  • A signed LicenseMatch agreement
  • A LicenseMatch Gold scanner