Wireless/Mobile service (non-GETS)

Best practices to right-size consumption

  • Discuss plan types that best suit current needs, plan upgrades, and device upgrades quarterly with agency's mobile carrier
  • Review wireless bills monthly for accuracy and to avoid undetected changes
  • Consider wireless services available through statewide convenience contracts with added benefits and no additional fees:
    • No activation, termination, or insurance fees
    • Discounted devices, accessories, and plans
    • Dedicated account executive and support team
    • Government-only promotions and upgrades on devices and plans
    • Rugged devices (e.g., two-way radios) available primarily through Southern Linc

Sources of information

  • Information on GTA's website about statewide convenience contracts for wireless service


Senior Product ManagerRita Figaro

See also a glossary of GETS terms in the PDF below offering useful descriptions of elements referenced above:

Glossary of GETS terms