Conferencing services

The following contracts provide Georgia state agencies and other public-sector entities with expanded audio, video and web conferencing services. By selecting one of these vendors, agencies can capitalize on expanded service options at competitive prices. Additional service providers may be added.

How to order new conferencing services

Click the vendor of your choice below. You’ll then be directed to that vendor’s webpage to continue the ordering process.

Please note, if you’re switching to one of the new conferencing services listed below and you'll be discontinuing an old service secured via GTA, you’ll need to submit a disconnect order to GTA to remove the old service from your invoice.

Contracts and contacts

Warren Conferencing Services

Expiration date: April 30, 2023

Contract no. 98000-MNS2-0000001306-1

Contact: Gene Warren, [email protected], (303) 513-7450