Enterprise Portfolio Management Services

The Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) offers the following consulting services to state agencies.

Assessments (Project, Program, Application)

We review agency projects, programs or applications to determine the effectiveness of processes and practices being executed to determine the viability of meeting the business needs.

Governance Support (Project, Program, Application)

We provide guidance for agencies in developing governance structures for projects, programs and applications.

Investment Management Support

We assist agencies through the Initiate and Planning phase of a project to help identify any potential problems before the project moves to the Build phase. We work with the agency business owners to understand their requirements and to identify and engage the appropriate GTA and/or Infrastructure Service Provider resources to work with the agency throughout the procurement process.

Professional Development

The professional development program is aimed at helping state agencies build expertise in project management. Courses are offered at no charge to state of Georgia employees through GTA's EPMO. Participants earn Professional Development Units (PDU) or Educational Contact Hours to satisfy PMP® certification requirements on all courses taken. View our course schedule.

Project Assurance

Project Assurance is an impartial assessment of a project to identify activities that are critical to the successful delivery of the project and the necessary resolution of issues and risks that preclude successful delivery.

Project Management Support

We assist agencies with the creation of a project and/or program management office. We also guide agencies in managing projects or programs through tools and methodologies and in establishing and managing agency project portfolios.