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For-Hire Endorsement Online

Department of Driver Services

Legislation passed during the 2015 session of the Georgia General Assembly brought taxi services, ride share providers, and their drivers under the regulatory oversight of the state, and the Department of Driver Services (DDS) is responsible for issuing For-Hire Endorsements to ride share, taxi, and chauffeur applicants. For-Hire Endorsement Online is an extension of DDS’ existing web-based services aimed at:

  • Improving the efficiency of the licensing process.
  • Reducing customer wait times.
  • Eliminating unnecessary visits to customer service centers.

For-Hire Endorsement Online enables applicants to complete the endorsement process online before visiting a nearby customer service center. They simply submit their C Endorsement application, supporting documents, and fees on DDS’ secure website. If their documents are in order, applicants receive an approval letter by email. To complete the process of obtaining their specialized license, they then present the approval letter to agents at a customer service center.

Information submitted by applicants automatically populates directly to their records, thereby reducing data-entry errors while also expediting the process of issuing licenses.

For-Hire Endorsement Online has reduced the time to process C Endorsement applications from 14 days to less than 4.

By emailing approved applications, DDS saved $18,579 in postage from July 1, 2015, through December 31, 2015.

DDS is also receiving positive feedback from customers and its own employees.

  • “We had have nothing but great experiences since going to the online chauffeur endorsement. It has expedited the process and freed up the time of my managers,” said the president of a transportation company.
  • For-Hire Endorsement Online “has increased efficiency in the customer service centers because drivers are prepared with everything they need for license issuance,” said a DDS district manager.