How to Dispute a Bill

  • Billing disputes for both IT infrastructure and managed network services should be submitted using the Service Request Management (SRM) tool. You can also do so by calling the GETS Service Desk at 877-GTA-3233.
  • SRM is accessed through the GETS Portal.
  • The Chargebackadmin @ mailbox formerly used to submit billing disputes is no longer used for that purpose.
  • If you are not currently set up to use SRM and/or the GETS Portal, your Agency Relationship Manager (ARM) can help you gain access.

Here are additional recommendations:

  1. Retain a file of all orders and RFS documents submitted. These assist in validating items added or removed from your invoice.
  2. Retain a copy of the confirmation e-mail that provides your order due date and the service request number if you order services from AT&T.
  3. Submit your disputes on a timely basis to promote efficient dispute handling.