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LicenseMatch FAQs

When should I use the tool?

Your business can use the tool for customers who:

  • Cash a check
  • Open an account
  • Obtain account information
  • Pick up pre-ordered checks
  • Initiate a wire transfer
  • Wish to open a safe deposit box

Whom do I contact for issues regarding logging onto the site?

For issues regarding logging onto the site, please contact the Office of Data Sales at 404-463-2300 or 404-463-7212. You may also contact us by e-mail at

Am I able to see additional information regarding the driver's license?

No. This tool provides a "Match" or "No Match" response. Getting a "No Match" means that LicenseMatch has found an inconsistency between the data entered and the state's records. Georgia privacy laws prohibit additional information to be provided.

How current is the information in the state database? Can I be confident that I will get a correct match result?

Results from LicenseMatch are reliable, since the information in the state database is usually updated every 24 hours. However, LicenseMatch queries the state database based on your input. So it's important to enter the search criteria exactly as it appears on the license.

How much does LicenseMatch cost?

Each search in LicenseMatch costs 50 cents.

I am a retailer. Can I use License Match?

LicenseMatch has a target market for institutions that fall under the responsibility of the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance. In the future, LicenseMatch may be expanded to other institutions.

Who in my organization can reset my password?

Each user of the application will be able to reset their password.

What is LicenseMatch? How does it work?

LicenseMatch is a online tool that requires no special hardware - just an Internet connection. You simply enter data from the driver's license or ID presented to get an immediate verification against information in the state’s database. A false identity can be revealed if the data on the license or ID and the state’s records don’t match.