January 22, 2020

Annual State IT Report showcases year of innovation

Strengthening cybersecurity and enhancing access to government services and information top the list of achievements highlighted in the Georgia Annual State IT Report published by the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA).

The report for 2019 also examines the state's IT expenditures and plans for future technologies.

Ensuring the integrity of state information systems is critical to protecting citizens' private information, and Governor Kemp's executive order requiring cybersecurity training for all state workers in the executive branch is the latest in a series of actions undertaken to counter threats from cybercriminals. The report highlights new managed security services available to state agencies and the growth of the Georgia Cyber Center.

Another top priority for the year was Governor Kemp's strategic goal to streamline government and make it easier for individuals and businesses to access the services and information they need. Georgia GovHub launched in April 2019 as an enhanced digital platform for state agencies to use in creating a consistent online experience for citizens.

The state's IT expenditures are also featured in the report. During the year, agencies reported spending $752 million on IT infrastructure services, network services, application development and support, and related activities. The report examines these IT expenditures and looks at the various ways in which the state manages its technology investments. Although the report's data are not comprehensive, as constitutional agencies and other state entities with large IT budgets are not required to report their IT expenditures, they provide important and useful insights.

2019 marked a decade since GTA began offering technology services through a public-private partnership providing a full range of managed network services and IT infrastructure services to 14 executive branch agencies as well as a-la-carte services to many other agencies. This unique approach, which has contributed to Georgia's reputation as a national leader in the use of technology, makes it possible for state agencies to quickly and easily access proven technologies that greatly enhance their operations. The partnership has delivered $379 million in savings over 10 years and continues to meet its original goals of consolidating IT infrastructure; securing state data and systems; and ensuring a modern, reliable, and recoverable operating environment.

The report also describes key projects that change the way government does business and highlights the state's progress in identifying areas without broadband access and planning future steps to close the technology gap between urban and rural areas.

The report is available in PDF format below.