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New policy promotes success of state’s largest IT projects

January 31, 2017

The new Large IT Project Executive Decision-Making Board policy enacted by GTA at the start of 2017 specifies new top-level management of the state's large, multifaceted and lengthy IT projects.

Initiated by the Governor's Office, the policy mobilizes a board to help manage high-impact, high-dollar and high-complexity projects. Projects with budgeted expense of $10 million or more over a five-year period become subject to the board's management.

Commissioners of Georgia's Department of Administrative Services and the Office of Planning and Budget sit on the board along with GTA's executive director. Business leaders from the agency directing a particular project serve as additional board members. The new board carries project decision-making authority.

Applicable to executive branch agencies, the new policy will see the board activated to support expansive efforts. The new board will have a hand in project activities ranging from shaping a budget request, to developing a request for qualified contractors and request for proposal, to awarding contracts. The board will also assess project management office (PMO) needs for the project.

See policy details for the large IT project executive board policy.