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Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025 updates state’s view of technology issues

May 17, 2017

The Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025 is the latest update to the state’s view of the issues influencing its use of technology in future years.

The Georgia Technology Authority published the plan in May 2017 to provide business and technology leaders in state agencies with direction as they make decisions about their investments in technology. The plan does not replace the business-oriented plans of individual state agencies but serves as a secondary planning document to help them align their technology with the direction established for the state’s IT enterprise.

In developing the 2025 plan, GTA collaborated with technology leaders in Georgia state agencies, other states, and the private sector to review priorities from the previous Enterprise IT Strategic Plan and revise them as warranted. Their work identified the following issues as the state’s current long-term IT concerns:

  • Ensuring cybersecurity for Georgia’s agencies, citizens, and businesses
  • Managing a growing pool of data to support state decision makers
  • Taking advantage of proven technologies to improve interactions between government agencies and state government’s constituents
  • Evolving state government’s portfolio of shared technology services to ensure agency access to the best services at competitive prices
  • Partnering with the private sector to bring the latest innovative technologies to bear on the state’s business problems

“While the Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025 sets the direction, it’s up to agency CIOs and other technology leaders to steer the course as we move forward,” wrote Calvin Rhodes, state CIO and GTA executive director, in the plan’s introductory message. “The plan is our roadmap for the next 18 months and our compass for the more distant planning horizon.”

Download a PDF copy of the plan.