GTA has completed a periodic update to the state’s Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025, which was last published in May 2017. The plan establishes state government’s vision for its use of technology and sets goals for achieving its vision through 2025. Rapid changes in technology led to the need to sharpen the plan’s long-term view.

The plan does not replace the business-oriented plans of individual state agencies but instead serves as a secondary planning document to help guide their decision-making about technology investments. The revisions are also a first step to more closely align the plan with Governor Kemp’s initiatives and priorities.

The plan identifies five strategic goals for the state’s IT enterprise along with near-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives for each goal. The strategic goals are:

  • Build a culture of information security awareness, preparedness, and resilience, and mature the state of Georgia’s information security program.
  • Improve the use of state data for decision-making and information sharing.
  • Improve Georgia citizen access to state services.
  • Continue to improve the delivery of technology services to state agencies.
  • Partner with the private-sector to improve citizen services.

The plan also lays out the process GTA follows to keep the plan up to date with emerging technologies and evolving public policy. The process includes continuously gathering information from private- and public-sector sources about new business uses of technology, and surveying state agencies and meeting with them regularly to fully understand their business needs.

The updated enterprise plan can be downloaded in PDF format from GTA’s website at