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Public Dashboards

Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue (DOR) implemented dashboards for sharing data with Georgia taxpayers at The dashboards, named DOR Pulse, are a visual display of interactive data about DOR’s operations and performance measures. They reflect DOR’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

DOR transformed complex data into compelling visuals using iDashboards, a specialized software program. The dashboards provide information in five areas: Tax refunds, alcohol and tobacco licensing, sales taxes, motor vehicles, and taxpayer services.

Taxpayers can interactively view information related to some of the most common questions DOR receives:

  • How long does it take to process a tax return?
  • How long does it take to obtain an alcohol license?
  • What are the peak times for calls to DOR’s call center?

Each time a dashboard, chart, or graph is selected, it pulls fully automated data. In most cases, they display statistical information from the prior business day. Each dashboard also includes hyperlinks for more detailed information about a particular topic, which can make it quicker and easier for taxpayers to find the information they need and reduce the number of calls to DOR’s call center.

Visualizing current data also helps DOR staff identify outliers and errors. For example, an unusual spike in an operation or process could indicate an error, and action can be taken immediately to correct the error.