Spectrum Management

What is Spectrum Management?

Spectrum Management involves planning, coordinating and managing the joint use of the radio frequency spectrum through operational, engineering and administrative procedures. The objective of spectrum management is to enable radio communication systems to perform their functions in the intended environment without causing or suffering unacceptable interference. GTA’s spectrum management group focuses on supporting the radio frequency needs of both state and local public safety agencies, ensuring compliance with state plans and federal regulations, and processing and validating Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) license applications prior to their submittal to the FCC. GTA is an active member and works closely with the Association of Public Safety Officers (APCO) and the Region 10 (state of Georgia) 700 MHz and 800 MHz Regional Planning Committee (RPC) to ensure adherence to their plans and requirements.

Why is it of value to the state?

The 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina Commission reports unanimously agreed that additional spectrum and better management of the public safety spectrum would go a long way in solving the interoperability issues faced during these or any future devastating disasters. The recent passage of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 addresses some of the additional spectrum requirement. But there continues to be a need to manage, especially at the state level, new and existing spectrum to ensure that maximum utilization and efficiency are achieved and to avoid any interference issues.

Why must I have an FCC license?

Title 47 of United States Code, Part 90 - Private Land Mobile Radio Services (PLMRS) requires all owners and operators of equipment in the PLMRS to be licensed by the FCC or be subject to heavy fines and/or penalties. The Spectrum Management group not only oversees and manages Georgia's public safety spectrum but also assists public safety agencies in the FCC licensing application process, license renewals and modifications, and frequency searches. We also monitor and alert licensees of any federal regulations or rulings that could impact their license.

For more information, contact:

Ralph Bevan, State Frequency Coordinator
Ralph.Bevan@gta.ga.gov or 404.656.2024