Technology enabling the business of government

State Capacity Building

The Georgia Technology Authority provides consistent leadership for digital economic and broadband development in the state of Georgia. Program staff coordinate state-level digital economic and broadband activities by collaborating with regional and local governments, businesses and institutions to evaluate the digital economic and broadband needs of the state and identify resources to meet those needs.

Funded Projects

Education: The Gammon project is a collaboration among GTA, Georgia Tech and Georgia School districts to develop broadband network monitoring and measurement tools that will enable local school systems' technical staff to effectively manage their broadband networks. Learn more at

For more information on the Gammon project, complete and submit the Digital Georgia Program Information Request Form - Gammon Project.

Health Care Telemedicine: The project is a collaboration between GTA and the Department of Public Health to develop the requirements necessary for DPH to deploy telemedicine service to all 159 counties in Georgia.

For more information about Health Care Telemedicine, complete and submit the Digital Georgia Program Information Request Form - Health Care Telemedicine.

Digital Georgia Summits:  During 2013 and 2014, three summits were held in North, Middle and South Georgia to convene business and government stakeholders to identify key topics and build collaborative partnerships to address regional priorities and opportunities to increase participation in the digital economy.