UM Features

What features are available with a basic UM mailbox?

  • Fax (incoming)
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Call whisper
  • Ability to schedule different greetings depending on time of day
  • Ability to forward voicemails to 3 different email accounts
  • “0” Attendant
  • Change password/PIN
  • Personal Profile
  • Recognize me
  • Message Notification (.wav, MP3 or notification-only)
  • Directory Information

How many messages can be saved?

All mailboxes will have the capacity of 30 messages and will be saved in the UM mailbox for 14 days. All deleted messages will be available in the “trash” folder for three days after they are deleted. However, you may choose to save (download) any voicemail file to your computer. Files sent to e-mail may be held there as long as you want.