Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging makes it easier for state employees to manage voice mail messages and more.

It works with both Centrex and VoIP. Unified Messaging combines different ways of communicating ― including voice mail, faxes, long-distance calling cards, conference calls and automated attendants ― in a single system. The service is especially beneficial to mobile employees and teleworkers.

Retrieve voice and fax messages by email

The service makes it possible to receive voice and fax messages in a single mailbox that's accessible through a user's desk phone, cell phone, email or Internet-enabled personal digital assistant. Users can edit their directory information and manage advanced calling and notification features over a secure website or by phone or Internet-enabled wireless device.

Agencies can choose to manage their own Unified Messaging accounts. Using a secure website, they are able to add and delete accounts and to assign different types of messaging services to employees based on their business needs. GTA can also manage an agency's accounts for a fee.

Attractive pricing, no equipment purchases

The cost of the basic Unified Messaging service makes it an attractive option, and agencies do not have to purchase new equipment.

For additional information, agencies may contact their Agency Relationship Manager (ARM).