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About GTA

The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) currently manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to 85 Executive Branch agencies and managed network services to 1,300 state and local government entities.  IT infrastructure services encompass mainframes, servers, service desk, end user computing, disaster recovery and security; 15 agencies receive all of these services through GTA, while the remaining agencies may receive two or three of these services.  Managed network services include the state’s wide area network and voice.

In 2009, GTA transitioned IT infrastructure services to IBM and managed network services to AT&T as part of an initiative begun in 2007 to move the state’s IT operations out of their “horse and buggy days” and into the 21st century by turning to private-sector leaders in technology service delivery.  The privatization initiative, known as Georgia Enterprise Technology Services (GETS), is on track to save the state $181 million over the life of the contracts with IBM and AT&T.

Through the GETS Service Integration Initiative (SII), GTA is working with state agencies to improve the current delivery model for technology services. On March 16, 2015, we selected a Multisourcing Service Integrator to coordinate the integration of technology services by multiple service providers. The selection of a service integrator is one component of the SII, which also includes the re-procurement of managed network services. GTA is currently conducting competitive procurements for wide-area network, local-area network, voice network, conferencing, and cabling and wiring services.

GTA’s Sourcing Management Organization is responsible for service provider oversight and management while our Sourcing Governance Organization is responsible for governance.

Meanwhile, GTA’s Enterprise Governance and Planning promotes an enterprise approach to technology by establishing statewide policies, standards and guidelines based on industry best practices and federal requirements.  EGAP works closely with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget and state agencies to ensure an individual agency’s IT strategy aligns with its overall business strategy and business continuity planning.  EGAP is involved in managing the state’s portfolio of technology projects to ensure they meet established goals and are completed on schedule and within budget.

Information security is a critically important concern in EGAP, and particular attention is given to supporting the development of training for state employees so they understand their role in protecting sensitive information. In compliance with statutory requirements, EGAP gathers data from state agencies on an annual basis regarding their IT security programs and IT expenditures. The data are compiled into reports that are useful in guiding state leaders in their decision making.

GTA develops and manages the state's official website, In May 2012, GTA unveiled a major redesign that offers friendlier navigation, greater usability and more robust search functions. Georgia's website became the first public-sector website in the nation to automatically adapt its layout to the type of device on which it's being accessed — whether a PC, tablet or smartphone. The website provides information and services from more than 115 state agencies and links to city and county government websites.

GTA also provides a mobile friendly web publishing platform, called Drupal, that's used on about 75 state agency websites. Drupal is an open-source system hosted in the cloud.

GTA's vision - A transparent, integrated enterprise where technology decisions are made with the citizen in mind

GTA's mission - To provide technology leadership to the state of Georgia for sound IT enterprise management