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GTA Update – Jan-Feb 2017
A look ahead at what got us here; Promoting success of state's largest IT projects; New broadband, voice service options added to GETS; Make your digital presence shine, and delight constituents; 2016 Annual State IT Report; Georgia Technology Innovation Showcase 2017; GETS Service Catalog upgrade; IT infrastructure RFPs; 2017 GTA-hosted Technology Summit 

GTA Update – Nov-Dec 2016
Interstate sharing is route to multi-state benefits; Georgia scores high for its IT use; National IT award for Georgia’s web accessibility initiative; Disciplined approach ensures continued GETS DR progress; Next GOVTalks Nov. 16th; Virtual assistant EVA available; IT infrastructure RFP; 40 Under 40 list includes GTA leader; NASCIO State CIO Survey; GTA Golf Tournament benefits SCCP

GTA Update – Sep-Oct 2016
Innovative use of technology in Georgia; Georgia IT project a finalist in prestigious NASCIO awards; Strengthened management for state's large IT projects; Digital Government Summit to explore internet of things, more; State's web platform strategy; VoIP added to GETS offerings; IT infrastructure RFP; GETS Radio Show debuts; One-year anniversary of MSI; GTA Charitable Contributions Golf Tournament

GTA Update – July-Aug 2016
Getting it right pays off big when it comes to writing RFPs; Web strategy the talk at GOVTalks; IT infrastructure procurement; State's portfolio of IT projects; Conferencing services; Surveys gauge satisfaction with GETS relationship management and Partnership Summit 2016; GTA wins State Scoop 50 awards; 2016 Georgia Digital Government Summit

GTA Update – May-Jun, 2016
GTA summit will emphasize IT/business collaboration; Cyber Storm V tests agencies’ readiness for cyber attack; New cable and wiring options show expanded choice in GETS; Re-procurement of GETS infrastructure services progresses; Technology Innovation Showcase Award entries received; State CIO earns Doers, Dreamers and Drivers award

GTA Update – Mar-Apr, 2016
Technology Innovation Showcase Awards are source of good ideas; Annual State IT Report shows IT investment grows; Universal accessibility on state websites; New free e-training via GTA's Learning Center; RFQC published Dec. 2015 for GETS infrastructure services; PRAS ready for self-service password resets; Survey upcoming for GETS IT leaders

GTA Update – Jan-Feb, 2016
GETS service delivery platform holds promise in 2016; RFQC for GETS computing services; MSI extends to full range of GETS services; GTA hosts delegates from Virginia; Self-service password resets via PRAS; Computer World selects Calvin Rhodes a premier technology leader