Will I have to contact GTA or Unified Arts to enable or disable my features for the UM mailbox?
No. Agency UM administrators will have the ability to enable and disable any feature from the web interface at

Will I have to contact GTA or Unified Arts to make changes to the auto attendant?
No. Customers have the ability to make “real-time” changes to the structure and content of the auto attendant via the web interface by using the “text-to-speech” feature.

How do I get help?
Call your Agency Telecom Coordinator or Agency UM Administrator.

If the state network connectivity were interrupted, how would voice mail be affected?
The UM voice mail system is separate from the state network. If at any time the state network/email server is down, your voicemail can always be accessed by phone or the web.

Will our agency telephone reps have administrator access or just end user access?
Admin decisions have been made by each individual agency. Agency Administrators will be able to enter feature changes and “build” new voicemail boxes. This capability will be activated sometime after the entire system has converted. Agency UM admins cannot create new boxes – this is GTA super admin only as GTA will need to know for billing purposes.

How will voicemail password resets be handled?
With UM, each user can manage his/her account, including password and login reset.