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How Do I Become a GTA Supplier?

How Do I Become a GTA Supplier?

  • Gather what you'll need to register

    To work with GTA as a supplier, you will first need to register.

    Registration will allow you to submit bids, get email notification about relevant opportunities, and receive solicitations (RFQCs, RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs.)

    Have your registration information handy, including:

    • Your tax ID
    • Your company's addresses
    • The email address where you will want to receive information
  • Find your National Institute of Purchasing (NIGP) code

    Find your NIGP code.

    GTA uses NIGP codes to categorize the services required. You will need to enter your NIGP code when registering in Team Georgia Marketplace (TGM).

    (Note that your NIGP code can be updated in your TGM profile at any time.)

    Once you've registered, you'll receive email notifications for solicitations that match your NIGP code. 

    You can also use your NIGP code to search for relevant, open opportunities in the Georgia Procurement Registry.


  • Register with Team Georgia Marketplace (TGM)

    Visit the Team Georgia Marketplace (TGM) website and click the "User Registration" tile to register.

    • If your company has never done business with the state of Georgia, register as a sourcing bidder.
    • If your company has previously done business with the state of Georgia, register as a supplier.
    • If you're not sure whether your company is registered, choose "Unsure of how to register" to search for an existing registration by tax ID number and zip code.
  • Register with Jaggaer Sourcing Director

    Open bids from the University System of Georgia and other public universities and colleges will now appear in the Georgia Procurement Registry through Jaggaer.

    You can register with Jaggaer now by entering your email address on the Jaggaer Supplier Network:


    You can complete the registration with TGM to get started. Later, you may receive an event invitation directly from a buyer, or an email notification of an event (an opportunity for a bid or proposal) if the NIGP code you registered with in TGM matches the event. Or, while browsing GPR, you may see an open opportunity to submit a bid or proposal. In these instances, you may be prompted to create a Jaggaer account.

    To create a Jaggaer account at that point, click the link (as seen in the GPR or sent in the email invitation) and you will be taken to a login page. By entering your email address and a password under "Please log in to view the sourcing event" (screenshot below), you are creating a Jaggaer account.

    A screenshot of the Jaggaer log in field for suppliers.
    A screenshot of the Jaggaer log in field for suppliers.

    Additional help:

    Watch the training video for Jaggaer Sourcing Director.

    Read the full instructions for responding to an event:

  • Next steps

    You are now set up to receive notifications by email or invitations from buyers based on your NIGP code.

    You can also view opportunities in the Georgia Procurement Registry and submit bids or proposals.

Supplier Acronyms

COI: Certificate of Insurance
GPR: Georgia Procurement Registry
GTA: Georgia Technology Authority
NIGP: National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
RFI: Request for Information
RFP: Request for Proposal
RFQ: Request for Quote
RFQC: Request for Qualified Contractors
TGM: Team Georgia Marketplace
W-9: Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Supplier Documentation

For suppliers to receive payments from GTA, these five documents are required. Please complete all forms and email them to [email protected].

  1. E-Verify Enrollment

    All contractors and subcontractors who provide services over $2,499.99 in value must enroll in E-Verify if you employ one or more employees as a contractor or a subcontractor.

    Download this pdf file. E-Verify contractor affidavit  (PDF, 193.5 KB)
    Download this pdf file. E-Verify subcontractor affidavit  (PDF, 108.43 KB)
  2. Certificate of Insurance

    Download this pdf file. Certificate of insurance (COI)  (PDF, 580.51 KB
  3. Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

    Download this pdf file. W-9  (PDF, 73.75 KB)
  4. Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    Download this pdf file. Non-disclosure agreement  (PDF, 156.38 KB)
  5. Tax Compliance Form

    Download this pdf file. Tax compliance form  (PDF, 171.83 KB)


Contact the GTA Office of Procurement Management.

Additional Supplier Resources

Protest Procedures

This describes the mandatory administrative procedure for vendors to challenge the solicitation process or for bidders/offerors to challenge solicitation awards made by GTA.

Quick Guide

Information about the types of solicitations used in seeking vendors to satisfy GTA requirements.