IT Strategic Plan 2025

The Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025, published in May 2017 and updated in August 2019, is intended to assist technology and business leaders in Georgia state government in making informed technology decisions for their agencies. It establishes focus areas and goals for the state's IT enterprise through 2025.

The plan does not replace the business-oriented plans of individual state agencies. As a secondary planning document, it assists agencies in aligning their use of technology with the direction established for the state's IT enterprise. Technologies highlighted in the plan can be used by all state agencies regardless of their mission or complexity.

GTA follows the governor's strategic plan to help guide Georgia's technology investments to serve state priorities securely and efficiently. In addition, the General Assembly provided for GTA to publish the Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Plan to guide state agencies in selecting technology to support their operations. To ensure agency involvement in the plan's development, GTA established the IT Strategy Cycle. The cycle includes environmental scanning, active planning, agency review, and review by industry experts. All Georgia agencies are invited to provide input at one or more stages in the IT Strategy Cycle.

Technology comes with risks, and sound planning and project execution are critical to minimizing those risks. Addressing Planning Risk Factors, a document included as the Appendix, outlines a rigorous project management process designed to prevent technology projects from failing.

From "Message from the CIO"

Technology-driven change continues to transform how we get things done in business, society, and government. In setting the vision for technology in Georgia state government, we look ahead, but we also reflect on the path that led us to today.

While the Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025 sets the direction, it's up to agency CIOs and other technology leaders to steer the course as we move forward. The plan is our roadmap for the near term and our compass for the more distant planning horizon.