Digital Services and Solutions - introduction

GTA’s Office of Digital Services and Solutions equips state government with the tools and expertise to deliver services and information to every Georgian.

State websites get hundreds of millions of visits each year from those seeking to access services, complete transactions, or find information in an emergency. Our enterprise solutions prioritize the user experience and ensure accessibility with a mature digital approach that’s efficient, inclusive, and consistent.

We also manage — the welcoming front door to state information — and provide training to state agencies to build digital skills, improve content quality, and raise the level of constituent service online.


An image from the GDC website of their logo and officers in uniform.

Featured Project

The New GDC Website: A Glimpse into a Modernized Digital Experience

The Georgia Department of Corrections team recently partnered with us to analyze their website from a user perspective, improve its information structure, and migrate the website to GovHub, the platform created for state agencies.

Digital Services and Solutions - quote

"The redesigned and restructured content has already started providing excellent customer services, saving time and effort for countless citizens of Georgia, bringing immense joy and job satisfaction!"

- Rao Manekar, GDC Web Services Manager

Digital Services and Solutions - what we do

Are You Meeting Constituents' Needs?

Digital Services and Solutions focuses on creating a foundation of accessibility, usability, and inclusivity for Georgia's state websites.

We have several approaches to help agencies create or improve this foundation and meet compliance while increasing the organization's digital maturity.

Our work enables agencies to scale up their digital offerings, relieve some of the burden of maintaining bulky or outdated information, and discover more streamlined internal workflows. Partner with us to improve your agency's digital presence and make data-driven decisions for the best path forward.


The structure, design, and implementation of accessible websites ensure that all individuals can locate and use the information and services presented with or without assistive technologies. 


Good usability provides clear information, simple design, easy navigation, and positive user experiences. A website that is easy to use and navigate enhances the overall experience for citizens seeking information or services.


Inclusive websites permit equal access, representation, and participation that welcomes and supports a diverse range of constituents and their needs.