Agency Technology Procurement Reviews

From the Accountability, Change Management, and Process Improvement Act of 2016 (HB 676) (GM-17-001):

In an effort to increase the success rate of large IT initiatives, Georgia has established best practices for the planning and implementation of these investments. HB 676 has amended OCGA section 50-29-3 through passage of the Accountability, Change Management, and Process Improvement Act of 2016. Through this act, the legislature has requested that the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) and GTA be responsible for the collection, review, and evaluation of the deliverable prepared by the agencies.

State standard SM-14-008 and guideline GM-14-011 provide background and instructions for obtaining an endorsement from the GTA chief technology officer (CTO) and Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) for technology procurements. An endorsement is the result of state stakeholders collaborating to improve the technical components of the procurement.

Process Overview and Participants

Agency procurement review process
  • 1. Procurement Documents Prepared

    Procurement documents are prepared by the agency's procurement team.

  • 2. Documents Submitted

    Once complete, the agency procurement team uploads all procurement documents to the GEMS 2.0 portal,

    For more information about GEMS 2.0 and a demo video on how to upload documents to the portal, visit the GEMS 2.0 webpage.

    If you have questions about this step, please reach out to [email protected].

  • 3. Documents Reviewed Against Checklist

    Using the detailed checklist below, GTA compares the submitted documents against a list of known risk areas that can cause procurement to fail.

    Download this xls file. Procurement review checklist

    For more information on the checklist, view our procurement review checklist user guide.

  • 4. Recommendations Documented

    After the evaluation against the RFP checklist, GTA prepares an RFP review letter that contains observations and recommendations to enrich the procurement before it is published.

  • 5. Request for Proposal (RFP) Review Letter Completed and Sent to Agency

    The recommendation letter is signed off by the state's chief technology officer and sent to all key stakeholders, including the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) as well as the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS).

  • 6. Agency Updates RFP

    Upon receipt of the recommendation letter, the agency procurement team will determine how to incorporate the feedback to improve the procurement.

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