IT Portfolio Reporting

IT portfolio reporting involves the use of a combination of tools listed below, business practices, and processes that enable GTA to manage project investments as a part of a strategic portfolio.

This enterprise reporting helps to ensure the alignment of programs and projects with statewide and organizational objectives.

  • Georgia Enterprise Management Suite (GEMS)

    Purpose: GEMS provides insight into the health and status of inflight projects.

    What: GEMS features combine traditional, quantitative operational data with qualitative assessment data based on key performance indicators (KPI) reporting from multiple agency stakeholders.

    When: All projects over $1 million must report monthly in GEMS. The results of the data are presented to the critical project review panel each month.

    Who: The panel is made up of members of the governor's office and GTA.

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  • State Technology Annual Report Register (STARR)

    Purpose: The governor's executive order of March 2008 and OCGA 50-25-4(8), (13), and 50-25-7.10 called for GTA to collect IT-related data from state agencies.

    What: STARR is the collection and analysis of data. Reporting includes deploying a group of questionnaires to collect IT-related data from each agency  based on various areas of measurement. It aggregates questionnaire responses and reports information to the agency.

    When: Information is submitted by agencies each year and is used to develop the annual state IT report.

    Who: The annual report is produced by GTA and presented to the governor, staff, and legislative leaders.

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