Artificial Intelligence

AI Glossary

See GTA's glossary of artificial intelligence terms.

GTA's mission for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program is to champion responsible and ethical deployment of AI in state government operations. GTA is dedicated to providing oversight on AI policy formulation and implementation, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability.

See GTA's Guiding Principles for AI.

Through continuous evaluation and collaboration with state agencies, GTA strives to safeguard against biases, mitigate risks, and promote the development of AI solutions that enhance the wellbeing of Georgians. By fostering a culture of responsible AI governance, the program aims to establish Georgia as a model for ethical AI practices.

State IT Inventory

The state AI standard requires agencies to document AI tools and components. Generative AI and automated decision system tools using AI components need to be documented and analyzed periodically. Agencies do not need to report commodity systems like intelligent assistants (Alexa, Siri, etc.) that come standard on mobile devices. Other commodity AI systems like spelling and grammar checkers, spam filters, etc., need not be reported.