Policies and Programs

Georgia Technology Authority is a central agency for the state of Georgia. With secure technology and policy, we help agencies deliver effective, efficient service.

In addition to technology servicesGTA offers the following broader program initiatives:

Policies, Standards, and Guidelines

GTA supplies state agencies with policies, standards, and guidelines to manage IT services. 

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GTA's Office of Information Security manages cybersecurity. OIS assists with agencies' security requirements and offers resources, training, and support. 

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Artificial Intelligence

GTA champions the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in state government operations.

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The Georgia Broadband Program aims to ensure that every Georgian has reliable and affordable access to the Internet along with the necessary tools and skills that unlock opportunities. 

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Constituent Services

The Constituent Services Office supports Georgia’s residents. We help Georgians connect to the right state agencies and information. 

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Digital Services

The Digital Services team helps agencies offer usable, accessible, and inclusive websites. Agencies partner with us to analyze, improve, and maintain well-designed, ADA-compliant websites. 

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Enterprise Governance and Planning (EGAP)

The Enterprise Governance and Planning (EGAP) division of GTA provides a number of services to state agencies to enable them to plan, manage, and deliver technology services to their constituents. 

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Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPMO)

The Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) supports state agencies. They are a required first stop when considering technology investments. EPMO also provides agencies with portfolio guidance and training. 

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Technology Innovation Showcase

The Technology Innovation Showcase helps state and local agencies in Georgia learn about IT projects in other agencies that are changing how government does business. It recognizes innovative uses of technology that enable agencies to meet constituent expectations for services and information better, improve operating efficiency, and conserve tax dollars.

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