2024 Showcase Projects

Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce and Governor's Office of Planning and Budget

Health Care Workforce Dashboards

Accountability and transparency were primary drivers in the launch of the Health Care Workforce Dashboards housed within the Georgia Data Analytics Center (GDAC), a central warehouse of information powered by aggregate data from across state government. The easy-to-consume format of the Health Care Workforce Dashboards makes physician, physician assistant, dentist, dental hygienist, and nurse de-identified data accessible to lawmakers, state agencies, academic institutions, and public and private researchers.

Georgia Department of Driver Services

Re-imagining Driver Services - Georgia Digital Driver's License and ID in Apple and Google Wallets

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) worked with Apple and Google to enable Georgians to add their driver's license or state ID seamlessly and securely to Apple and Google Wallets on their mobile devices. Georgia was one of the first states in the nation to introduce this innovation to residents. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has designated select airport security checkpoints and lanes in participating airports as the first locations customers can use their driver's license or state ID in their mobile wallets. Built with privacy at the forefront, digital driver's licenses and IDs provide a more secure and convenient way for customers to present their information.

Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority

Peach Pass and E-ZPass Interoperability

The Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) has worked over the past decade to expand Peach pass for Georgians, allowing toll-lane travel in more states. Through SRTA's partnership with E-ZPass, the largest electronic toll system in the northeast, Georgians can now travel using any E-ZPass lane in 19 states using their Peach Pass account. The project modernized and combined Peach Pass and E-ZPass in Georgia, and SRTA worked to make Peach Pass multi-protocol transponder-, 6B-, 6C-, and TDM-friendly, so it could be used in any E-ZPass toll lane.

Georgia Student Finance Commission

Georgia Match

The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) developed Georgia Match to better serve Georgia high school students looking for high-quality, affordable public higher education. The Georgia Match portal streamlines the application process, enabling one-stop access to a user's eligible institutions. In addition, letters are mailed to each high school student, showing them the Georgia colleges and universities holding a spot for them to pursue their higher education goals.

Technical College System of Georgia

Canvas Badges - The TCSG Roadmap for Launching Micro-credentials Systemwide

Aiming to help students gain targeted skills and earn credentials in key industry areas, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) created a systemwide micro-credentialing process. With Canvas Badges, students can take short courses to certify their knowledge in areas that are relevant to their career path. In 2023, TCSG became the first two-year college system in the nation to adopt micro-credentials systemwide. Employers can fill skill gaps and improve their workforce quality, and students can focus on training that addresses a precise, practical need for their future career.