Let's Connect Georgia

GTA Digital Connectivity Program

The state of Georgia has been at the forefront of broadband efforts nationwide - with its detailed broadband availability map and robust grant funding to strengthen infrastructure and get high-speed internet to homes and businesses throughout the state.

Now, with additional funding coming to the state for broadband infrastructure and related programs, Georgia is poised to continue to expand broadband across the state.

If your organization offers programs that support digital skills development, provides Wi-Fi access, or hosts community events, this survey is for you. Your input helps ensure every Georgian has access to the digital tools and support they need.

Statewide Digital Connectivity Plan

The Digital Equity Act, part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), invites states to undertake a comprehensive planning process to establish a vision for digital connectivity that will guide overarching strategies and goals.

Building Connectivity Statewide

Digital connectivity powers Georgia's economy and is crucial to educational success. It advances business, connects loved ones, strengthens social ties, and fosters better public health. However, not everyone has access to reliable, affordable internet.

Many Georgia citizens do not have access to devices and lack the digital skills required to pursue a career. This deficit restricts employment opportunities and limits their participation in the digital economy.

With resources and financial support from available grant funds, the state can tackle the challenges of internet access, affordability, and digital literacy head-on, enabling all Georgians to fully participate in the digital economy and reap its benefits. Bridging the digital divide will create a more connected and prosperous Georgia for everyone.

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