GEMS 2.0

An Updated Toolset for Project Oversight

Georgia Enterprise Management Suite (GEMS) 2.0 is GTA's integrated online tool suite that delivers a case management solution for the entire project investment lifecycle. It provides stakeholders with comprehensive data insights on agency pipeline and portfolio projects.

GTA's Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) uses GEMS 2.0 in working with Georgia agencies to meet the requirements mandated by O.C.G.A. § 50-29-3. The EPMO works with agencies across the entire Project Investment Lifecycle Operation (PILO): planning, pre-procurement, award, project assurance, project oversight, and project closeout.

PILO timeline

GEMS 2.0 helps agencies capture and store all PILO data and share it with GTA stakeholders using interactive project investment dashboards.

If you don't have access to the GEMS 2.0 portal yet, reach out to the GTA EPMO for an invitation to sign up.


  • Planning

    Planned Investment Notification (PIN)

    The PIN is the onboarding point for agencies to identify all investment activities needed for project success. A PIN is required on all technology investments with an estimated $500,000 or greater total cost of ownership.

  • Pre-Procurement

    Uploading Business Cases and Procurement Documents

    Pre-procurement helps agency stakeholders with the submission and review of business cases; IT project approval forms; statement of requirements; and RFI, RFQ, RFQC, RFP documents for review and risk mitigation.

  • Procurement

    Pipeline Tracking and Reporting

    GEMS 2.0 helps to track PILO milestones, beginning with posting a solicitation on the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) registry through the award stage.

  • Award

    Business Case and Procurement Review Management

    GEMS 2.0 helps to track case awards submitted via PIN. Once awarded, the case is converted to a "project," and project monitoring and oversight begins.

  • Project Assurance

    Risk Assessment and Management

    Project assurance includes risk assessment of the solicitation based on information gathered in the PIN. PIN questions contain conditional logic that scores the project investment based on criticality, complexity, and overall risk. Based on this score, the applicable project assurance is assigned.

  • Project Oversight

    Assessing Project Health

    This step enables agency and IV&V resources to complete project health assessments from a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. Qualitative data is gathered from key performance indicator (KPI) responses from multiple autonomous project stakeholders and subsequent analysis and scoring.

Watch our tutorials on how to onboard to GEMS 2.0, create cases, and fill out monthly project assessments below.