About GTA

The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) currently manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to 89 executive branch agencies and managed network services to more than 1,200 state and local government entities. IT infrastructure services encompass cybersecurity, disaster recovery, mainframes, servers, service desk, and end user computing. Managed network services include the state’s wide and local area networks, voice, cable and wiring, and conferencing services.

Both categories of services are provided through a public-private partnership shared services program. GTA is responsible for service provider oversight and management as well as governance.

Cybersecurity is a critically important concern, and GTA gives particular attention to supporting the development of training for state employees, so they understand their role in protecting sensitive information. In compliance with statutory requirements, GTA gathers data from state agencies on an annual basis regarding their IT security programs and expenditures. The data are compiled into reports that are useful in guiding state leaders in their decision-making. GTA’s Office of Information Security (OIS) also leads a statewide training exercise, Cyber Dawg, featured in a live-fire format at the Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta.

Meanwhile, GTA promotes an enterprise approach to technology by establishing statewide IT policies, standards, and guidelines (PSGs) based on industry best practices and federal requirements. GTA works closely with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) and state agencies to ensure an individual agency’s IT strategy aligns with its overall business strategy and business continuity planning. GTA is involved in managing the state’s portfolio of technology projects to ensure they meet established goals and are completed on schedule and within budget.

GTA is leading the Georgia Broadband Program with the goal to promote and deploy broadband services in unserved and underserved areas of the state. Broadband has become essential to business education, healthcare, agriculture, and overall quality of life, but many communities lack high-speed access to the internet.

GTA manages the state’s official website, GeorgiaGov, and enterprise web-publishing platform, GovHub. GeorgiaGov provides information and services from more than 115 state agencies and links to city and county government websites. The enterprise platform supports 82 state agency websites. Both GeorgiaGov and the enterprise platform are carefully designed to ensure friendly navigation, accessibility for users with disabilities, and robust search capabilities.

Through the call center and Governor’s Office of Constituent Services, GTA acts as a point of contact for advocates, legislators, and the public, and its specially trained staff answers questions, addresses complaints, and helps with access to state services. In addition, the call center, 1 (800) GEORGIA, responds to calls, emails, and chats from users of GeorgiaGov. It also offers call center services to other state and local government agencies.


Director of Communications Paula Calhoun

Designees for service of process under O.C.G.A. § 50-21-35(a):

  • Asset/Facilities Unit Manager Anita Russell
  • Asset/Facilities Coordinator Cedric McCoy
  • Asset/Facilities Analyst Marta Sandoval-novoa

Address: 47 Trinity Ave SW  6th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30334