Georgia Annual IT Report FY 2021

From the State Chief Information Officer

A successful technology enterprise must be both strong and flexible, able to stand firm and withstand challenges - such as a cyber-attack or pandemic - and, at the same time, nimbly adjust to accommodate constantly changing needs and circumstances. When that enterprise serves an entire state, the stakes are high. Citizens and the government agencies that serve them must be able to rely on the technology in place to make government more accessible, responsive, accountable, and secure.

Georgia's technology enterprise proved ready and resilient in 2021. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continued, the state moved forward with initiatives to bolster state networks and strengthen security, while also meeting citizens' needs for information and services.

In July, I was honored to accept Governor Kemp's appointment as State Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA). We are building on the strong foundation that has long made our state a national leader in its use of technology. In support of the IT enterprise, GTA has targeted several areas of emphasis:

  • Promoting customer service and citizen engagement, using technology as a tool to help agencies improve operational efficiency.
  • Strengthening the state's cybersecurity posture, redoubling efforts to stay ahead of cyber threats and equip agencies with tools and information.
  • Aiding agencies in implementing transformational solutions, with an emphasis on migrating systems to the cloud.
  • Improving digital solutions required for a modern work environment, with the tools and connectivity to support both at-home and in-office work.

We continue to maintain focus on serving Georgians, protecting state systems and data, and supporting state agencies in their use of technology. You will find more about those efforts, along with the state's technology accomplishments and activities, within these pages.

I hope you find the report informative and useful.

-- Shawnzia Thomas