Government Resources

As a basic foundation of the procurement and acquisition of goods and services, GTA has adopted the concept of "best value procurement" from the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM)*. This is defined in the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) Dictionary of Purchasing Terms as a

cost/benefit analysis to define the best combination of vendor performance capability, quality, services, time, and cost considerations over the useful life of the product or service for the state of Georgia.

Potential vendors are able to do business with Georgia state agencies, cities, counties, and other government entities by completing the registration process. This process gives vendors the opportunity to select various categories of products and services that the vendor may be interested in providing. 

*GTA, through its board of directors, appointments, and delegated authority, may procure and contract goods and services in support of the GTA mission and business requirements. GTA agrees, in principle, to comply with the State Purchasing Act as detailed in the rules and regulations of the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) State Purchasing Office (SAO) and published in the GPM.