Availability of UM Service

Will UM be available to areas of the state without voicemail and without Centrex?

Yes. The service will be provided statewide and available on business lines.

Will every phone line have voicemail? Some staff do not currently have voicemail.

Voicemail will be available statewide but every phone line will not automatically get a voicemail box. Agencies may request a UM mailbox for staff who do not currently have voicemail at a later date through the agency Telecommunications Coordinator.

If we have teleworkers and field staff who currently do not have voicemail, can they receive UM?

The UM voicemail will be available statewide to all state-provided telephone lines. Agencies may request mailboxes through the agency Telecommunications Coordinator.

If a state agency currently owns and administers their own PBX system, will they be affected by thisconversion?

No, not if they administer their own PBX system. However, they have the option to move over to UM.

If an agency currently has their own VOIP system in-house but it does not have the conferencing feature, can the agency purchase just the conferencing feature?

That is not currently a GTA product offering.

We have a lot of faculty/staff who do not have office space or phones (they use cell phones); can a phantom box be purchased/setup for these users?

It may be possible to offer this service by setting up a phantom box and have a cell phone pointed to that box; however this offering is not a part of the service at this time. If there is a need for this service, GTA can look into it on an individual basis and see if it can be added.

Some agencies share a business line, on a key system, with a receptionist who transferscalls; can these staff members have their own UM?

In future releases we will be able to create individual UM mailboxes so the receptionist will be able to send the caller directly to the mailbox.