Cybersecurity for a Safer City

The City of East Point

East Point knew it needed a cybersecurity solution that could buy back crucial time for its IT team in the face of the cyberthreats all government entities face. The city chose the Darktrace Cyber AI platform to detect and fight evolving threats targeting its digital infrastructure. This machine learning technology has proven critical in East Point's ability to continuously monitor the security of its digital environments. It also helps defend against fastmoving ransomware and unauthorized data exfiltration.

Without training datasets or preset rules, Cyber AI learns directly from the city's infrastructure, ingesting hundreds of dimensions of raw data to discern a sense of normalcy. This understanding of normalcy contextualizes patterns of use and how users interact and collaborate in real time. With Cyber AI, East Point can protect the infrastructure that keeps the lights on, heat running, water flowing, and waste managed for its constituents.