Enterprise Strategy Support

Enterprise Strategy Support is structured to help Georgia state government achieve its strategic goals. GTA strives first to understand Georgia agency objectives and then to leverage technology resources across multiple agencies. The objective is to identify and share proven, innovative, technology-enabled business solutions for Georgia agencies.

Within the Enterprise Governance and Planning Division, the Enterprise Strategy Support Office facilitates the creation and execution of the State CIO's IT vision. Through collaborative efforts, members of the Strategy Office work with agency business and IT leaders across the enterprise to gather information to help identify the business needs of state agencies. This information is critical to ensuring the right IT initiatives are placed on the Enterprise IT Road Map for implementation.

The last two years have seen a significant increase in GTA’s efforts to form collaborative relationships with all agencies that depend on IT for success. An important aspect of this effort is understanding which business functions span multiple agencies. To do so, GTA has begun to facilitate discussions with agencies that have similar business needs. The objective is to identify those agencies that share business needs so that we might know when a single solution will meet the needs of multiple agencies, whether the solution is hosted at the state data center or provided as a cloud-based service from a new state vendor.

The subsections at left provide considerable detail on GTA’s strategic use of IT for the benefit of Georgia. If you don’t find what you need here, feel free to contact Joe Coberly, GTA's Enterprise IT Strategy Coordinator, at Joe.Coberly@gta.ga.gov.