FAQs: Dealer Internet Inquiry

  • How do I know when I am certified?

    You will be certified after you have received information from the Georgia Department of Revenue that enables you to access the database and you have registered with GTA at https://services.georgia.gov/gta/ods-sales/newSubscriber.do.


  • How do I get certified to obtain motor vehicle tag and title information?

    To begin the certification process, visit the Georgia Department of Revenue's Dealer Internet Inquiry website.

  • Why should I use this service?

    This inexpensive service helps you minimize your exposure to risk and protects you from financial loss. By using this service at the time of a trade-in, you can check tag and title information and instantly see if the vehicle has a valid Georgia title and has passed a recent emissions check. You can also find out if the owner has paid ad valorem taxes.